Application Software Supplier/ Principal Purpose Custodian/ Department Available from
SIS Power Campus Ellucian Self-service portal for student and staff (academic) to access information and perform routine tasks such as attendance, grade, transcripts etc. RSA  ITS
LMS Moodle Open Source  Web based payroll application RSA  ITS
Respondus V4.0 Transform quizzes written in a Word document into a moodle quiz FYP  FY
Finance Great Plains Microsoft  ERP application for finance Finance ITS
Procurement Great Plains Microsoft  ERP application for finance  Finance ITS
HR MenaPay, MenaME Mindset  HR  ITS
QA Q-wiki Modell-Aachen  Quality ITS
IT Support InHouse  Website for IT Support  ITS  ITS
Library Libero Lib-IT   Library ITS
Time tabling/ Scheduling Wise-WebApp Wise Technologies  For Timetabling purpose  Quality  ITS
Survey Lime  Quality  Quality
Printing Paper Cut Bhawan IT Software for print management  Facility Facility
Identity Management Windows AD Microsoft  Authenticates all users  ITS  ITS
Video conferencing MS Lync (Skype for Business) Microsoft  ITS  ITS
Email Office 365 Microsoft  ITS  ITS
Antivirus, end point security ESET NOD 32 ESET  ITS  ITS
Plagiarism Checker Ephorous Ephorous  ITS
VPN CISCO any connect RWTH-Aachen  ITS  ITS