GUtech offers fast Internet access for all students, staff and guests on campus and in all accommodations.
All the PCs for admin purposes, computers labs, Library are connected to corporate LAN and Wi-Fi.

You can get help for Wifi and internet from GUtech Connection Steps.

First, ensure you have the latest software patches and antivirus software* installed. Also ensure that updated OS is running in your IT equipment.

  • Select “GUtech” from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Enter your GUtech username and password when prompted.
  • Follow the guide in case of difficulties.

* GUtech offers F-Secure business security software for GUtech owned computers. Please contact IT help desk for support and installation.

  • All invited guests/ Fly-ins of GUtech can collect a temporary username and password from your host at GUtech.
  • Guests at the accommodations may collect your access tokens from accommodation department.
  • Such accounts can be renewed based on contracts/ affiliations.
  • The bandwidth assigned to “GUtech SSID” is regarded as very good for performing your academic tasks. Bandwidth is based on user category (Staff, Student, OES, Guest).
  • Some limited personal Internet usage is permitted as a privilege and not a right, by the University Regulations.
  • We reserve the right to limit the use of bandwidth for non-academic purposes at any time if necessary in order to protect the capability of the network to support academic/ research work.
  • The University reserves the right to monitor use of its facilities to ensure that such use complies with University Rules and Regulations .
  • Please refer IT Policy document for detailed policies and definitions.
  • Use of personal network devises, hubs, switches, repeaters, servers are not allowed in campus or accommodations.
  • The use of file sharing software such as BitTorrent, Kazaa, etc are not allowed.
  • Downloading or sharing of any copyrighted material including software, music and video.
  • Distribution or use of offensive/destructive software (such as ‘worms’, ‘Trojan Horses’ and ‘viruses’).
  • Attempting to gain access to any account not belonging to you, including attempts to identify user passwords on University facilities or those of other institutions.
  • Deliberately or knowingly causing a system to fail or service to crash.
  • Transmit, facilitate, display or replay of material which may be considered offensive, defamatory or harassing in the context of the University Code of conduct. Please refer related manuals and regulations.

For Events and Conference Public Wifi, Please contact the IT Department.