Accounts and Access

To access GUtech computers, email, files, portals and databases, a User should have an ‘IT user account’ and a password, provided by IT Service (ITS) department of GUtech.

Windows Active directory (base of GUtech’s identity management system)

An AD domain controller authenticates and authorizes all users and computers in a Windows domain type network—assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers and installing or updating software. For example, when a user logs into a computer that is part of a Windows domain, Active Directory checks the submitted password and determines whether the user is authorized to use the system.

User credentials and password management
Applying for an IT account

A staff or a student can get an account for accessing IT resources at GUtech.

We do not take direct applications for creating an account. A staff member has to approach ITS through Human Recourses department. A student gets an account once enrolled in the university and account activation instructions will be part of welcome kit.

ITS also provides short term accounts (up to 6 months) for Interns who visit and work with GUtech’ s academic or admin departments, provided the application to ITS comes from HR department.

Guest account

A guest account may be provided for a visitor to GUtech for internet access but such applications should be handed over to ITS in advance through a permanent staff of GUtech.

Guest account is issued for a short duration varying from 1 day to 3 months.

User registration in Identity management portal

Users have to register their username and change password in Identity management portal to gain access to IT resources. During registration, you are required to answer three security questions.

Lost password / user-id

In case you lost/forgot your password you can always reset in the password reset portal, by answering the security questions.

NB: For security reasons, we do not provide you with passwords or access codes by phone or email!